HUD Head Up Display Car HUD Navigation Mobile Phone Projector GPS Navigation Projector Universal Phone Holder

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HUD Head Up Display Car HUD Navigation Mobile Phone Projector GPS Navigation Projector Universal Phone Holder

Features :

  • The product is an optical projector. Place the navigation device (mobile phone or navigator) on the support platform of the product. Refer to the instructions and set the navigation device to “HUD navigation mode”. The product can project the image on your navigation device onto the special optical glass lens of the product. So that you don’t have to look down at the navigation screen to increase driving safety.
  • Mobile support: It’s also a unique bracket and can replace the traditional suction cup-bracket.
  • Angle rotation: The screen can freely rotate for 180 degrees, so you can easily select the appropriate viewing angle
  • Rotating base: The bottom is fixed with 3M glue footing, adaptable to a variety of models, and possible for the product to be installed in arbitrary locations
  • Transparent display: The screen is made up of high -definition organic glass with a coating fim,which won’t block your sight in the navigation
  • Convenient installation: The bottom is fixed with silicone pad, stable and reliable and will not leave any spots on the car,
  • Anti slip & shock: It has a special rubber pad with enlarge layers, which will effectively prevent the mobile phone from being bumped off during driving.


  • Usable modela: Usable for all models
  • Fixed mode: Anti slip mat / Support
  • Body material: ABS high temperature resistant /PMM vacum coating
  • Compatility: Support mobile digital products with screens less than 6.5 inch
  • Mirror angle: Adjustable for around 180 degrees
  • Stent activity: 15 degrees

Way of use :

  • 1. Use a rotating bottom support mode Install the bottom fixed foot bracket on the main body.
The mobile phone opens the APP navigation interface, and the phone is placed on the anti-slip mat of the product, adjusting the Angle of the reflecting lens, suggesting that lens, suggesting that the 45 degree Angle is the best Angle.
It can be adjusted according to your situation
  • 2. Use mobile phone stand mode
When encountered strong sunshine, light into cars, forcing the HUD projection imaging effect is not ideal, then recommend the phone sideways on the product’s groove, watch phone navigation interface directly.

Package Contents:

  • 1 x HUD car projector
  • 1 x Cleaning cloth
  • 1 x Support
  • 1 x English instructions

Purchase Notes:

The product is an optical projector, can not run APP software.




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Additional information

Color Name


Wire or Wireless


Size Name


Output Frequency


Rated Power


Fit the phone screen :

Less than 6.5 inches

Feature1 :

Car Phone Holder

Feature2 :

GPS Navigation Projector

Feature3 :

HUD head up display

Material :

ABS, Plastic, Plexiglass

Mounting Location:


Color :


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    Hello the product is a gadget (it is true that for the price it does not have to expect miracles, but it does not work it is possible that I did not understand anything, on the other hand nothing to say about the seller. It’s up to me to be a little more selective next time.

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    As in the picture

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